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Showcasing incredible talent and celebrating artists everywhere!


Showcasing incredible talent and celebrating artists everywhere!


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Interview of Famous 48

Check out the Famous 48 show at AIFACS, Rafi Marg New Delhi

Famous 48 at AIFACS, New Delhi

48 Top artists of India go t to showcase their art at AIFACS (All India Fine Art and Craft Society), I was one of them

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Featured Artists

Varsha Kukreti

Varsha Kukreti- Her outdoor life in the Himalayan Hills and Vivid imagination led to this art form.

Combinatorics of Impressionism and Impasto and her own unique style, Varsha Kukreti has travelled the Long and Winding road of Art and an Artist's life

Alka Rathore


Alka Rathore

Drawing and Painting have always been her Passion. 

Sonal Saxena


Sonal Saxena , Inspired and awestruck at various Art Galleries and International museums across the globe, she decided to an artist

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